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As kids grow into their teenage years and adulthood, sometimes they need a little help with their teeth. Whether they haven’t practiced good dental hygiene habits or something outside their control affects their teeth, they may need help getting that straight smile again. While traditional braces remain a popular option, invisalign in Houston, TX, have continued to gain traction in recent years. With the average cost of Invisalign® being significantly less than traditional braces, getting Invisalign® braces for kids and adults has become increasingly more common.

Complete Dental in Houston, TX, has invisible braces and provides our patients with various other dental services. Our team has pediatric dentistry specialists and professionals who specialize in orthodontics, general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry services to help our patients get their best smiles. But what is Invisalign®, and how is it different from traditional braces?



Invisalign® straightens your teeth without wires and brackets, using a series of clear, customized, removable appliances called aligners. Hardly anyone will know that you’re straightening your teeth with an Invisalign® retainer.

Different teeth will have different requirements, but you can expect typically 20 to 30 sets of aligners. They are removable for eating, good dental hygiene, and an occasional night out on the town. Invisalign® is the best choice for invisalign in Houston, TX!

Many people do not receive dental braces as children. As adults, they may delay or avoid orthodontics because they are unwilling or unable to wear unsightly metal braces. Invisalign® provides an alternative. Invisalign® is designed to straighten your teeth with virtually invisible aligners as a revolutionary orthodontic treatment.

Made of smooth plastic, they fit comfortably much the same way a mouth guard does, and they are unlikely to irritate cheeks and lips the way metal braces can. Invisalign® braces are removable, which means you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods, and your teeth will be easier to keep clean without any need for special tools.


Just because kids’ teeth are still coming doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from an Invisalign® procedure. Invisalign® for kids can help address crooked teeth, misaligned smiles, or any number of accidents that affect the shape of your kid’s smile. Instead of letting it be a problem they address later in life, our invisalign in Houston, TX, can provide kids with an effective way of fixing their smile without the more noticeable metal braces.

We work with our patients to find the best fit for their Invisalign® braces or retainer for optimal comfort. They can come to our office for their Invisalign® fitting and learn all about the average cost of Invisalign® for their teeth. We make the process of getting Invisalign® as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.


It’s not just kids and teenagers that can benefit from an Invisalign® fitting. If you missed the boat in your younger years to straighten your smile, Invisalign® for adults could help! We’ve helped adults in Aldine, Humble, Spring, TX, and beyond get the straightened smiles they deserve!

We’ve helped adults find their perfect smile through the use of Invisalign® for years, and Complete Dental is ready to help you get your ideal smile. Getting Invisalign® for teeth has proven effective in people of all ages and different kinds of teeth.


When you’re looking for someone to fit and place your invisalign in Houston, TX, you want someone with an established and trusted reputation. Complete Dental has the experience and knowledge to perform expert Invisalign® procedures every time and provide the people of Houston, Tomball, and Greenspoint, TX, the help they need.

Our team has helped countless patients of all ages get the Invisalign® braces and retainers they need for their best smile. We’ve helped people in the following areas get their best smile:

  • Aldine, TX
  • Humble, TX
  • Spring, TX
  • Tomball, TX
  • Greenspoint, TX

You’ll meet with Dr. Malespin to discuss your expectations, and once it is decided that Invisalign® is the best solution, you and they will map out a treatment plan with your goals in mind. They will then take impressions of your teeth that will be digitized to allow them to plan the gradual shift of your teeth. You’ll be able to see a representation of your teeth throughout the process, at each stage from the initial adjustment to the finished product.


The Complete Dental team is here to help you gain the confidence in your smile that you’ve always wanted. We’ve also helped our patients with their dental crown and dental implant needs. Contact our office to schedule your first appointment today!

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