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Dr. Boris Malespine

Meet Dr. Boris Malespin

Dr. Malespin has taken extensive training in implant dentistry through the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, he did his mini residency in the prestigious Dawson Academy for occlusion and cosmetic dentistry. This academy is designed to train dentists in High esthetics (veneers and full mouth rehabilitation with crowns), occlusal problems (bruxism and clenchers), as well as TMJ issues (popping and clicking of the jaw due to a bad bite).

  • Completed a preceptorship in dental implantology from UTSA,
    Fellowship from the ICOI
  • Currently in the mini residency from the prestigious Dawson Academy for occlusion and cosmetic dentistry in Tampa Florida.
  • The American Academy of implant dentistry Maxicourse
  • Total of more 1000 hours of advance continuos dental education

“I am absolutely dedicated to providing phenomenal oral care to my patients. I believe that good dental care can be life changing and is necessary to happy living. Because of this, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality oral care possible and making it accessible for everyone.” 

“I am happiest when you are comfortable and at ease enjoying your new smile.”

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