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What are

dental CROWNS?

Sometimes, maintenance won’t be enough to fix the problem when it comes to your oral health. Whether a cavity has grown too large, you have a chipped tooth, or you need an implant, you’ll require more intensive dental services to get the job done right. At Complete Dental, we offer expertly made dental crowns in Houston, TX, that help protect your mouth and enhance your smile! 

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover done by our dental laboratories positioned over an existing damaged or reduced tooth to enhance durability and strength and create a replacement that looks exactly like your other teeth. Dental crown services can vary in price and cost based on the type of materials used in its construction. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from an all-ceramic crown to metals, porcelain, or resin. Additionally, if you are going for repairs to a front tooth, the crown cost can also change.


There are many reasons to need a dental crown in Houston, TX. Houston residents who come for a tooth crown typically need the procedure to preserve a natural tooth damaged too much to be fixed with a regular tooth filling. An all-ceramic crown replaces the entire outside of the tooth.

The reasons you may need our professional broken tooth repair general dentistry services can vary from person to person. However, some reasons for this type of cosmetic dentistry stand out from the rest. The most common reasons to need a dental crown are:

  • Root canal
  • Broken tooth
  • Fractured tooth
  • Weak tooth
  • Tooth that a metal filling has damaged
  • Discolored tooth that doesn’t respond to whitening

Our tooth crown services can vary in cost and price, depending on various factors. However, we aim to make the process of getting a dental crown in Houston, TX, as smooth as possible for our patients. We’ve proudly helped patients across Texas get to feel confident in their smiles, including:

  • Aldine, TX
  • Humble, TX
  • Spring, TX
  • Tomball, TX
  • Greenspoint, TX


When a filling fails, dangerous bacteria and food particles enter under the old filling and grow unnoticed. This often happens with ZERO pain until the bacteria burrow their way to the center of your tooth, where the nerve is located. Once the bacteria reach the nerve, a toothache usually appears and makes its presence felt.

A broken tooth is also a serious condition, and you will most likely need a crown. Unlike a broken bone, a broken tooth will not heal itself. In cases like these, a permanent crown procedure can help address the issue and help protect the tooth from future damage.

Vertical cracks that travel the gum line may require a full-coverage crown. If the crack goes below the gum line, the tooth may need a root canal, crown lengthening, or extraction. At this stage, the tooth crown service, cost, and overall price become secondary to protecting your ongoing oral health from potentially dangerous bacteria forming and growing.


Dental caps and crowns cost tend to vary on a case-by-case basis. The final dental crown price is usually calculated based on the location of the repairs — such as the changes in front tooth crown cost, the types of materials used for the crowns, and the time it takes to perform the procedure. Complete Dental has the team and the experience necessary to perform the procedure as seamlessly and painlessly as possible for people in Houston, TX, getting dental crowns.

At Complete Dental, our doctors will only use the best materials for our patients and their tooth crown services. Our doctors will use porcelain crowns to ensure a more natural-looking smile. Porcelain crowns can be somewhat transparent and are almost identical to natural teeth. We’ll ensure the tooth crown cost and final price fit within your budget.

Our dental crown services are some of the best in the area. The Complete Dental team has also helped our patients with expert pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, adult and child Invisalign care. Contact us today to schedule your appointment if you’re looking for dental crowns in Houston, TX, or in the surrounding areas — such as Aldine, Humble, Spring, Tomball, and Greenspoint, TX!


If you’re dealing with a damaged tooth, don’t worry. A dental crown may be the perfect solution for you. At our Houston practice, we can provide you with a custom-made dental crown that will restore your smile and protect your tooth from further damage. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about this treatment option. We look forward to helping you achieve optimal oral health!