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What is a 

dental bridge?

A bridge may be used to replace missing teeth, help maintain the shape of your face, and alleviate stress on your bite. A bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth, they look great, and literally bridges the gap where one or more teeth used to be. Your bridge can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials and is bonded onto surrounding teeth for support. The success of any bridge depends on its foundation — the other teeth, gums, or bone to which it is attached. Therefore, it’s very important to keep your existing teeth, gums, and jaw healthy and strong.

benefits of a

Dental bridge:

Dental bridges offer many benefits for patients missing teeth. First and foremost, they can restore your smile by filling in the gaps left by missing teeth. Additionally, dental bridges can help to improve your biting and chewing function by replacing missing teeth that might otherwise interfere with proper function. Additionally, bridges can help to prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of place by filling in the gaps left by missing teeth. Finally, bridges are a tried-and-true solution for missing teeth that have been used for centuries with great success. 

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Bridges?

There are four main types of dental bridges: traditional fixed bridges, cantilever bridges, Maryland bonded bridges, and implant-supported bridges. Traditional fixed bridges are the most popular type of bridge and involve anchoring the artificial tooth (or “pontic”) to your natural teeth on either side of the gap left by the missing tooth. Cantilever bridges are similar to traditional fixed bridges but only involve attaching the pontic to one adjacent tooth instead of two. Maryland bonded bridges involve attaching artificial teeth directly to your existing teeth with metal wings or framework. Implant-supported bridges are anchored into place using one or more dental implants.

Dental Bridge Procedure:

The procedure for placing a dental bridge usually takes a few visits to our office. During the first visit, we will prep the surrounding teeth by removing a bit of enamel from their surface in order to make room for the dental crowns that will anchor the pontic in place. Once the enamel has been removed, we will take an impression of your mouth so that we can create your custom bridge. In the meantime, you will be given a temporary bridge to wear until your permanent bridge is ready. 

During your next visit, we will remove your temporary bridge and check to make sure that your new bridge fits properly before bonding it into place. Once it has been placed, we will polishing it so that it blends in seamlessly with your existing teeth.

What Is The Average Price Of A Dental Bridge In Houston, Texas?

There are a few different factors that will affect the cost of a dental bridge in Houston, Texas. The number of teeth being replaced, the type of bridge, and the material used to make your bridge can all play a role in the final price. Additionally, your insurance coverage may help to offset some of the costs associated with a dental bridge.

To get an accurate estimate of what your dental bridge will cost, we recommend visiting our office for a complete evaluation. Our team will be able to give you a more personalized quote based on your individual needs.

Caring For Your Bridge

Taking care of your new dental bridge is just like taking care of your natural teeth! Be sure to brush twice per day and floss at least once per day using an interdental brush or floss threader to clean around the base of the pontic where it meets the gum line. You should also schedule regular checkups with our office every six months so that we can monitor your oral health and ensure that your bridge is still in good shape. 

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At Complete Dental, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile that they can be confident in. We offer high-quality dental care at an affordable price so that you can get the treatment you need without breaking the bank. Our experienced team has extensive experience placing all types of dental bridges and will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Schedule an appointment today!

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