Is the Summer the Right Time for My Kid’s Dental Checkup?

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By Completeq Dental
Published:August 11, 2022
Categories: Kids' Dentistry
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Summer vacation is often a whirlwind for both kids and parents. Running around scheduling vacations, summer camps, and more into three short months before the start of the next school year can sometimes feel overwhelming. With one blink, you go from your kid’s celebrating the end of the year to buying new supplies for the coming term before you know it. 

It can quickly become easy for your kid’s dental appointments and checkups to get lost in the shuffle; however, the summer months are often the best time to schedule children’s dental care in Houston, TX, and beyond. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should arrange their next dental checkup before the new school year begins. 

You Have More Time for Appointments

One of the major drawbacks to scheduling a dentist appointment during the school year revolves around the time constraints placed on your and your children’s schedule. Work, school, and other commitments make scheduling a routine dental appointment difficult for the average family.

However, the summer gives parents more flexibility to schedule these appointments in their daily routine without too much disruption. Your children aren’t in school for eight hours a day (or sometimes more when after-school activities get factored into the equation). You only have to work around your or your spouse’s work schedule to get your children to their appointments without delay. 

Protect Their Teeth From Summer Sweets

While most people may not realize it, the summer months are filled with delicious sugary drinks and food. While our appetites get satiated, our overall dental health may suffer for it. Excessively sweet and acidic liquids can harm your tooth enamel, worsen existing cavities, and create more havoc for your kid’s teeth. 

Getting in front of potential dental issues can help keep your kids focused on starting school — not on a persistent toothache. These appointments include fluoride treatments, protecting against cavities, and applying dental sealants. 

Get in Front of Dental Emergencies

Most dental emergencies come without a moment’s notice — you or your child suddenly experiences something that requires your dentist’s immediate attention. While it may prove difficult to anticipate these situations ahead of time, regular dental visits can help identify problem areas before they worsen to the point of becoming an emergency. An experienced pediatric dentist can address these concerns during these summertime appointments before they ruin your child’s healthy smile. 

Stop Problems Before the Holiday Sugar Rush

Starting in October with Halloween and running through till Christmas, the fall and winter months present you and your family with a long list of sugary holiday traps. As candy and sweet consumption go up, their oral health will suffer if they aren’t properly prepared.

Knowing the state of your child’s teeth before the fall candy rush can help you figure out how to approach these holidays with their dental health in mind. Complete Dental can help you identify any issues regarding cavities, worn-down enamel, and more before the influx of sugary delights makes each problem infinitely worse. 

Trust Complete Dental With Your Child’s Dental Checkup

Knowing who to go to for your child’s next dental appointment this summer in the Greater Houston area can set them up for success throughout the school year. You can help them identify problems before they start, have more time to fit into your family’s busy schedule, and prepare for sugary traps throughout the year. Complete Dental’s approach to pediatric dentistry helps your child feel comfortable at the dentist and get the oral care they need to keep their healthy and happy smile throughout the year. 

Read through our pediatric FAQs and contact our team to schedule their next appointment today!