5 tips to maintain good oral health

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By innov8ive
Published:July 27, 2022
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We all want a beautiful smile. We should want more than just pearly whites, though. You should focus on healthy teeth, not just teeth that you like to show off. This means knowing how to build and maintain good oral health. Don’t worry; it isn’t difficult to do! Simply:

#1 Brush your teeth

We know that you know you should brush your teeth, but we also know how hard it can be to remember to do. You’re so busy, especially in the morning. You wake up in the morning and hit the ground running. If you aren’t careful, brushing and flossing your teeth may be forgotten. This is why many dental experts recommend that you set a simple “brush your teeth” alarm in your smartphone. Now it is one less thing you have to remember.

#2 Drink plenty of water

You may need a coffee to get you going, but it’s important to switch to water after that. Water is one of the best ways to keep your mouth clean throughout the day. It washes away tiny pieces of food debris before it can form a cavity. It also helps with saliva production, so dry mouth never becomes an issue. If you always have a glass of water within reach while you’re working, it will be so easy to get your recommended daily value of about 11 glasses in without even thinking about it.

#3 Eat health snacks

Snacks that are full of carbs and sugar tend to be our favorites. They are pretty yummy! They’re often simply not worth the toll they take on your body, though, including your teeth. That doesn’t mean you need to go snack-free. If you want to keep your mouth and body healthy, look for these healthier alternatives at the grocery store:

Hummus with carrots or celery


Apples and peanut butter


Greek yogurt 

Focus on lots of protein, and as little sugar as possible. 

#4 Focus on kicking any bad habits

Your teeth are for smiling and chewing food- nothing else! Nail biting, chewing ice, and using teeth as tools are a few of the worst things a person can do with their teeth. These bad habits increase the risk for damaged teeth, putting germs into your mouth, and cuts on the gums that can lead to further diseases and infections.

#5 Visit the Houston, TX area dentist

Regular dental cleanings and exams are essential for maintaining good oral health for both children and adults. Don’t put this off because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. As long as the patient is healthy and hasn’t come into contact with anyone who is ill in the past few weeks, he or she should continue to attend their six-month cleanings.

You shouldn’t be nervous to visit the dentist when it’s time to go! We completely understand you want to be cautious during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Know that Complete Dental has taken every precaution necessary in order to keep our patients and their families safe.