FAQs: How Often to Visit a Houston, TX Dentist

FAQs: How Often to Visit a Houston, TX Dentist 1

Like most people, you want clean teeth, a healthy mouth, and a beautiful smile. That means going to the dentist! You know the dentist is the place to go for all of this, but how often do you need to visit a professional and how much of it can you do on your own? This is a very common question. Let’s discuss the answer, which means breaking it down a little further.


Scheduling Regular Dental Appointments at Complete Dental
Keeping your teeth healthy with regular dental visits to our Houston, TX office is important. When teeth start to have problems, they can impact your life incredibly quickly. Catching a dental problem early often helps reduce the amount of pain you suffer, difficulty for your dentist to remedy the situation, and the cost to you and your insurance as well. Dentists can also look for signs of oral cancer, and spot signs of other health conditions, such as Gingivitis. But what are these “regular” dental visits- and more importantly, how often do they need to happen?


Dental Visits for Kids
At Complete Dental, we will give you advice about how to care for your child’s early teeth. As he or she gets older, they should have dental checkups as often as your dentist advises. Most dentists recommend a visit to them every six months to help prevent cavities and other problems. They’ll also keep an eye on how their teeth are growing in to offer early orthodontic intervention. These visits should start as early as possible, when their teeth begin to come in. While in our office, it is best to speak with your child’s dentist about the schedule that is best for him or her as an individual.


Dental Visits for Adults
Based on your oral health, as well as overall health, and your risk factors for tooth decay and gum disease, your Complete Dental dentist will set you up for a plan as to when you need to come back. For example, if you have good oral hygiene and no problems at checkups, you may need to come in only twice a year. A person with a lot of tartar or cavities may need to come more often, like every three to four months.


Additionally, your health insurance may also affect how often you see the Houston, TX dentist. The type of plan you have may require visits every six months, for example, for you to keep your full insurance benefits. They don’t want to cover a major problem if you haven’t been receiving preventative care!


You may need to see your dentist more often than every six months if:

#1 You’re pregnant, as your hormones may cause an inflammation of the gums and other problems.

#2 You smoke. Smoking tobacco is a risk factor for Periodontitis, a severe gum disease, as well as for oral cancer.

#3 You have cancer. Dry mouth and infections are common side effects from cancer treatment.

#4 You have diabetes. People with diabetes have a higher risk of gum disease, fungal infections, and other oral problems.

#5 You have heart disease. Some people are surprised that dental health is closely linked to heart health.

#6 You’re HIV positive. HIV and its treatment put you at a higher risk of dental decay and infections, due to a compromised immune system.

Whether you fit into one of the categories listed above or it is simply time for your regular six-month check up, we want to see you at Complete Dental! Please call us at (281) 644-0852 to book an appointment for our Houston, TX area dental office.

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